G.H. Porter Provisions is a smokery and delicatessen established in 1890. We have an impressive heritage specialising in bacon and pork products which are purchased by discerning clients across
the East Midlands. Our range of provisions has been extended over the years to include cured and smoked pork, cured bacon, hams, gammon, black pudding, potted meat, scotch eggs, pies and specialist signature sausages, including one made to a 100 year old secret recipe, cheeses (smoked on the premises), condiments and other delicious goodies!

We also have a specialist coffee and tea shop where we fresh roast beans on the premises which
can be tailored to your personal tastes. There is a choice of over 30 different teas and herbal

The Smokery

Selected flitches of bacon are smoked on the premises in our smokehouse using the time honoured tradition. The brick chamber is blackened by years of smoking. The rich smell is deliciously intense as the flitches hang from high hooks, taking in the wooded smokiness over a period of 48 hours.