Bronze Free Range Turkey

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Supplied uncooked

Adlington Free Range Bronze Turkeys are free to wander outside from their big, deep straw littered open barns to enjoy the sun on their backs. They have large open paddocks to run in, and really seem to enjoy racing around and making a lot of noise! Of course, Adlington Free Range Bronze Turkeys have access to fresh food and water at all times.

Following our feeding regime throughout our flocks, we are also passionate about the food our Adlington Free Range Bronze Turkeys consume and ensure only the best food ingredients in their diet. Using a wholesome a diet of cereals plus whole and natural crushed oats from neighbouring farmers, we fully understand oats are fantastic natural feed for poultry, offering high health benefits to the flock with their slow burn fats ensuring the highest quality and flavoursome meat. Combine this fine diet with our traditional game hanging and low stress production methods and you will truly see the difference in our succulent and juicy bird.

Size Serves
4-5kg 6
5-6kg 8
6-7kg 10
7-8kg 12
8-9kg 14
9-10kg 16
10-11kg 18
12-12kg 20+

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