Free Range Goose

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Supplied uncooked

We are delighted to source our traditionally reared geese from Botterills near Grantham.  Renowned nationally amongst chefs, and top foodies for a great tasting, high welfare bird reared the old fashioned way.

The birds are allowed out onto fresh pasture where they graze each day.  Since some of the paddocks are away from the farmyard Richard and his team have to drive the geese down the road each morning and evening, something that has become quite a local spectacle. In order to protect the birds from predators they are brought back to their yards each night.  As the birds grow their diet of fresh grass is supplemented with a mixture of wheat and vegetable based protein produced on the farm. This diet contains no growth promoters or artificial additives and goes to ensure the geese are fully fleshed when they reach maturity.

Size Serves
4-5kg 6
5-6kg 8
6-7kg 10

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